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Daiwa Fishing Tackle

Daiwa has been around since 1958, and over their history they have been always associated with state of the art technology. They have in fact been the first to create many different types of fishing equipment nd even materials which soon became industry standard. This can be seen no more clearly than in the case of their world beating reels. In 1965 for instance, their new "open-faced reel" revolutionised the market. Their reel technology has continued to set the fishing world on fire, and this drive to push angling technology in the right direction works its way into their whole range of equipment. Take a look through our collection of Daiwa products and you will see that, as well as their world class reels, they also offer a wide array of excellent clothing, poles, landing nets, bed chairs and much more.

Daiwa Fishing Reels & Rods

From 1979 onwards, Daiwa's use of new carbon fibre based materials for their components set them apart from the crowd. A prime example of this pioneering effort is that they were the first company in the world to incorporate graphite into both reel bodies and rotors. It was the year of 2007 that then saw Daiwa showcase their newly developed material called Zaion. The innovation continued, and does so to the present day. From 2010 onwards, their rods have been some of the lightest and yet strongest on the market thanks to their unique high density carbon fibre sheet called Z-SVF. You will find our range of reels and rods from Daiwa will have many excellent options for short to medium distance feeder work, as well as for sea fishing.

Daiwa Fishing Clothing

If you are a sea angler, then you will also need an effective thermal suit so that you can feel comfortable in all weather conditions. Daiwa's all weather thermal suits will help you to feel warm and dry all through the winter months. Not only is it highly protective against wind and rain, but also breathable. This means that, as well as the insulating fleece lining protecting you against the cold, the suit material is also made so that you don't overheat whilst exerting yourself. You will also find that the thermal suits are also highly practical in terms of storage. Both inner and outer pockets are included so that you can keep all the essentials protected and close to hand. On top of the thermal suits, you can also pick up exceptionally crafted weather-proof fishing smocks. These will keep you warm whilst allowing you to stay mobile when casting and baiting up.

Daiwa Poles

Those who use poles are not left out, as there are some stylish, effective and efficiently crafted fishing poles from Daiwa in this collection too. Strong and lightweight aluminium in combination with a slim profile and flared butt, as well as a high quality Seaguide reel seats and guides, makes these poles formidable. Additionally the sleek matte black finish makes these poles look just as good as they run.

Daiwa Hydrolastic Hollow Elastic For Pole Fishing Daiwa Hydrolastic Hollow Elastic For Pole Fishing
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Hydrolastic Hydrolastic is the award winning revolutionary concept in pole elastic. It offers a multi phase performance delivering a wide scale of ratings within one set up which is perfect for mixed fisheries and high catch rate venues. Hook a big fish and Hydrolastic will increase to a higher rating as it is loaded with more 'give' than standard heavy elastics. Unlike other types Hydrolastic has…
Daiwa Phantom 2 Piece 3lb TC Carp Fishing Rod Daiwa Phantom 2 Piece 3lb TC Carp Fishing Rod save
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Daiwa Single Lure Hooks Daiwa Single Lure Hooks save
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It is the preference for many anglers to replace a treble hook with a large single; in fact sometimes it is more effective. Standard J hooks are not ideal as their small eyes mean that they do not sit correctly and can both hamper the action of the lure and also offer poor hooking. These single hooks are however designed specifically for fitment onto lures and the extra large eyes are set in paral…