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Delkim Bite Alarms

Delkim bite alarms & receivers

From their early pioneering handmade creations to their absolutely state of the art pieces of technology today, Delkim has been creating top quality fishing bite alarms, using a unique vibration sensing technology. This technology puts the Delkim bite alarms ahead of many, due to the vibrations of the line which can be indicated without the line actually moving. The angler therefore has complete control over the sensitivity adjustment. This in turn gives the angler optimum bite detection in all conditions and across all styles of fishing. Having this detection of linear line movement - and of vibrations from rod tip nods and terminal tackle that do not necessarily move the line - means that the earliest possible sign of a bite will be shown to you, even in the most testing conditions. This, along with the clear visual indication and class leading radio systems, as well as the highly weather resistant construction, makes these bite alarms just about as good as it gets.

Delkim fishing accessories

As well as the bite alarms themselves, you will be able to pick up individual accessories such as carbon snag bars. You can also purchase some excellent quick release systems which will be able to fit to your bite alarm. From those small little extras to the highly technical and world leading indication sets, alarms and receivers, everything that Delkim make has been carefully developed and rigorously tested to give you a long lasting, high performance piece of kit.

There is a very good reason why Delkim are one of the most well respected fishing bite alarm brands in the world. Their bite alarms are in their own class when it comes to controlled sensitivity. They have been going since the 1970s, when they started focusing on inventing new bait flavourings. But this was also the time when bite alarms were very much in their infancy, so the co-founders of Delkim turned their attention to this underdeveloped area and raised the standard completely. Having raised the bar all those decades ago, they have never looked back.

Delkim Black Box Storage Case New Version Delkim Black Box Storage Case New Version
16 in stock
Delkim Black Box Storage Case New Version The new Delkim Black Box case is specifically designed for the new Txi-D alarms and the Rx-d receiver. The Delkim ‘Black Box’ is a carry case specifically designed for the safe storage and transportation of all Delkim alarms and accessories. It is ideal for those using the D-Lok quick release system and is a great way to keep your alarms safe and protected…
Delkim D-Lok V2 Quick Release System Delkim D-Lok V2 Quick Release System
28 in stock
Delkim D-Lok V.2 Quick Release System Newly design V2 version of the quick release system to fit the new Txi-D Bite alarm.
Delkim ES Indication Sets Delkim ES Indication Sets
31 in stock
Delkim ES Indication Set This new product follows the popularity of the Delkim Nitelite Pro and DuoCarb hanger support. These are shorter, slimmer than the original system which in turn makes them lighter, more stable and extra sensitive. Available in the same colours as the Delkim alarm range.
Delkim Ev-D Digital Bite Alarm Delkim Ev-D Digital Bite Alarm
31 in stock
Delkim Ev-D Digital Bite Alarm The Delkim Ev-D Digital Bite Alarm may be an entry level, non-radio digital bite alarm but it has been designed to perform to a much higher standard for all of your carp fishing sessions. It offers a smaller and more compact design but it has been manufactured to the same standards as the flagship Txi-D without compromise! This bite alarm offers reliability, simplici…
Delkim Nitelite Illuminated Indication Set V2 Delkim Nitelite Illuminated Indication Set V2
80 in stock
Delkim Nitelite Illuminated Indication Set V2 The NiteLite Indication Set comprises: the NiteLite v.2 Illuminating Hanger, SlimCarb Carbon Stabiliser and ‘C-Slot’ drag weights. An evolution of the NiteLite Pro and the SlimLite Indication Set, giving the user the ability to add heavier weights than on the SlimLite to cope with a greater range of conditions. The NiteLite v.2 is a complete illuminati…
Delkim Safe-D V2 Carbon Snag Bars Delkim Safe-D V2 Carbon Snag Bars
38 in stock
Delkim Safe-D V.2 Carbon Snag Bars The new V2 Snag ear to fit the new Delkim Txi-D bite alarm.
Delkim Slimlite Clear Indication Set Delkim Slimlite Clear Indication Set
30 in stock
Delkim Slimlite Clear Indication Set The all new Clear Version is here. Priced per bobbin, you select the colour required from thed rop down menu. After an intensive design and field testing programme the SlimLite Indication Set is the most technically advanced visual indication system that we have made so far. It will appeal to both the carp and specimen angler alike. The SlimLite Indication Set…
Delkim Txi-D Bite Alarms or Rx-D Receiver Delkim Txi-D Bite Alarms or Rx-D Receiver
£134.99 - £149.99
49 in stock
Delkim Txi-D Bite Alarms or Rx-D Receiver Supplied with a Panasonic or Duracell battery so ready to go when you receive them! 10 years of development and more than 40 years of bite alarm experience has led to the Txi-D. This is the most technologically advanced bite alarm Delkim have ever developed. This alarm is a premium piece of kit which has ensures clear and reliable bite indication day in da…


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