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ESP Carp Fishing Gear

ESP (short for 'Extra Sensory Perception') began in 1999 in the spirit of innovation. One of the very first things they did was to revolutionise the carp fishing world with their ultra fine carp hooks. These had needle points which were sharper than anything on the market at the time. In fact, throughout the company's history, they have again and again set new standards, bringing highly refined technical advances to the mainstream angling world. We are very thankful that they do what they do, and this collection of their latest fishing gear shows that they don't look like slowing up any time soon. Their products are perhaps so impressive because each and every aspect of them arises out of a collaboration between engineers and angling experts. They thoroughly field test everything to make sure that it's up to their exacting standards, and that is why they are one of the most respected names out there today.

ESP Carp Fishing Reels & Rods

Starting with the rods, if you are looking for something well-balanced, responsive, and with excellent casting capabilities, then ESP will be sure to have something for you in their Onyx range. When aiming for those surface feeder carp, there will also be some rods here which are perfect for your needs. These floater rods give you a great sense of control, and all with a surprisingly affordable price tag. We love in particular how ESP always manage to balance perfect casting attributes with forgiving playing actions, down to a tee.

ESP Carp Fishing Lines & Lures

Their lines and lures range caters for all kinds of water conditions and fish. ESP are known for their technical innovations and high standards, and this much is certainly reflected in their lines and lures. In particular, with the lures, the action, as well as the way the colour hits the fish's eye as the lure moves, adds up to an absolute winner. The line is similarly reliable when it comes to high performance in the water. Whether you are going for virtual invisibility, high knot strength, abrasion resistance, or many other precise specifications, you will be able to go to ESP for a line that will deliver.

ESP Carp Fishing Luggage

This is not to forget their luggage range, which is built to be as reliable and easy to operate as possible. We believe that a tidy, organised workspace when you are fishing is often half the battle. When you are all organised, you are focused, set, ready to go. Attain that feeling of calm focus with the ESP luggage range, which is tailor made to help you keep all your items carefully organised, protected, and easy to access. From smaller bags for your terminal tackle and spool to larger barrow bags and overnighter carryalls, you will be all set to go with this range of top quality, sturdy and cleverly designed luggage.

ESP Carp Fishing Terminal Tackle

ESP's terminal tackle is fine tuned for high performance. From classic carp fishing hooks to chod hammer barbless hooks, para-point hooks and much more besides, ESP's range takes you through practically every style you might need. What's more, they nail each variety like no one else, honing the design so that it is as effective as possible when it matters most. For instance, small but essential details in the manufacturing such as heavy forging and correct tempering mean that there is a vastly reduced chance of hooks opening or breaking.

ESP Carp Fishing Rigs

Last, but by no means least, comes ESP's excellent range of carp fishing rigs. Their ready-made rigs save time and energy, and you can be sure that each one is uniform and reliable. You will be able to pick up incredibly strong and super sharp chod rigs which are barbed or barbless, depending on your preference. Take your pick from fully made rigs which are easy to use and as secure as you could possibly want, so that there is never a danger of them slipping off.

ESP  Artificial Buoyant Surface Mixers 12 Pieces Per Pack ESP Artificial Buoyant Surface Mixers 12 Pieces Per Pack save
10% Off
19 in stock
Buoyant artificial mixer hookbaits for surface feeding carp. The two sizes of mixer complement size 8 and 10 Cryogen Surface hooks perfectly. ESP Artificial Buoyant Surface Mixers 12 Pieces Per Pack These hookbaits are durable yet soft enough to be pierced by the hook point and mounted on the shank and grip securely even when distance casting. Supplied in two shades of brown to match a variety of…
ESP  Cryogen SurfaceXT Floater Line 250m Spool ESP Cryogen SurfaceXT Floater Line 250m Spool save
10% Off
17 in stock
ESP Cryogen SurfaceXT Floater Line 250m Spool Inherently buoyant for easy line pick up with excellent knot strength. Syncro Surface is supple yet highly abrasion resistant. It has optimum stretch with superb casting performance and the subtle grey tint is particularly inobtrusive. Excellent knot strength Good abrasion resistance and supple
ESP 8mm Rubber Shock Beads ESP 8mm Rubber Shock Beads save
10% Off
8 in stock
ESP 8mm Rubber Shock Beads 25 per packet Great for heli or chod rigs 8mm Beads are perfect for running rigs Durable
ESP Adjustable Plastic Lead Clips ESP Adjustable Plastic Lead Clips save
10% Off
1 in stock
E-S-P Adjustable Lead Clips are truly versatile and can be used with heavy leads and P.V.A Bags for distance casting without risk of the lead ejecting on impact - Alternatively the lead retaining arm can be cut back for more efficient lead ejection when targeting big carp in weedy or snaggy waters
ESP Back Rests ESP Back Rests save
10% Off
32 in stock
Back Rests Priced per rest, choose which you require from the drop down menu. - Screw thread produced in a lightweight but super strong engineering polymer. - Tough rubberoid head is flexible enough to grip and hold the standard ranges of FULL DUPLON & ABBREVIATED HANDLES
ESP Bait Drill & Cork Sticks ESP Bait Drill & Cork Sticks save
10% Off
2 in stock
ESP Bait Drill & Cork Sticks Ergonomic, non-roll handle. Corrosion resistant drill bit with sharp point for precise drilling without splitting bait. Adjusting the amount of cork allows everything from precise balancing of baits to extra buoyant pop-ups. Corrosion resistant drill bits Sharp brad-points for precision drilling holes without splitting the bait. 4mm ideal for smaller baits, 6mm for nut…
ESP Barrel Bobbin Kit All Colours - Isotopes - Metal Head ESP Barrel Bobbin Kit All Colours - Isotopes - Metal Head save
£9.85 - £15.25
10% Off
19 in stock
The Metal Head x 1 is a spare head ONLY weighing 15g Priced per item, picture for illustration purposes only. The highly versatile Barrel Bobbin kits include everything required to provide excellent bite indication in most carp fishing situations. Available in seven colours - white PTFE and acrylic in red, blue, purple, orange, green and yellow. The kits comprise: Barrel Bobbin with interchangeabl…
ESP Big Shot Caty Large ESP Big Shot Caty Large save
10% Off
2 in stock
ESP Big Shot Caty Large The capacity of the pouch makes baiting up with large quantities of boilies quick and easy. This tough, durable large pouch is lightweight with a long easy grip pull tab and large vent holes in the pouch reduce drag and recoil. Machined stainless steel rotation pins minimise elastic twist and tangles to the Twin Wall elastic which provides excellent punch and recovery for m…
ESP Big Shot Caty Medium ESP Big Shot Caty Medium save
10% Off
3 in stock
ESP Big Shot Caty Medium Maximum accuracy at short to medium range with minimum bait spread. The wide gape frame is moulded in super strong glass filled nylon and features a long ergonomic handle for perfect grip and angled forks which help create the perfect firing position. Machined stainless steel rotation pins minimise elastic twist and tangles. The tough, durable medium pouch is lightweight w…
ESP Black Stainless Bobbin Kit ESP Black Stainless Bobbin Kit save
10% Off
3 in stock
ESP Black Stainless Bobbin Kit The ESP Black Stainless Steel Bobbin Kits in black and white has been introduced due to popular demand. These have been manufactured in the UK which ensures exceptional quality and precision on each one made. Each kit contains the PTFE Barrel Bobbin, interchangeable ball clips and grip clips, 3inch and 7inch stainless ball chains, stainless steel hockey stick and a 3…
ESP Braid & Mono Scissors ESP Braid & Mono Scissors save
10% Off
9 in stock
All images © Tackle Up Felixstowe Priced per item, choose the colour you require from the drop down menu. Featuring an improved design and high-grade stainless steel blades, these new scissors are an essential tackle box accessory. Available with ergonomic hi-viz orange or green handles with a comfortable soft touch finish, these super sharp scissors are perfect for all hook link materials and mon…
ESP Camo 35L Carryall ESP Camo 35L Carryall save
10% Off
1 in stock
ESP Camo 35L Carryall For the travelling light, short session/overnight angler, the medium Carryall is a perfect size. Although compact, it can still accommodate a large amount of kit and features three roomy zipped external pockets. The front pocket comfortably fits any medium-sized plastic tackle box and the rear open topped pocket is ideal for storing spare clothing and/or carp sacks, while the…