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Kamasan Fishing Terminal Tackle

Kamasan Fishing Hooks

Take a look through the Kamasan hooks range and you will be able to pick out some absolutely world class fishing hooks. Across the different styles, each hook is extremely strong. Clever details show the level of thought and skill which has gone into their design, such as the curved beak point which reduces the likelihood of gaping and gives you an extra secure hook hold. Their hooks are super effective for a wide variety of different kinds of baits, so they are always worth having in stock for their versatility as well as high level of performance. The sharpness of the point is just about unmatched. This is down to the fact that Kamasan make sure to use a chemical etching process which is second to none. If you are going for bigger and hard fighting carp, then Kamasan will certainly give you some handy tools to carry out the job.

Kamasan terminal tackle

It is not just in the realm of hooks that Kamasan excel. Kamasan are excellent when it comes to the quality of their feeder line too. With Kamasan's feeder line, you will get a product which is ideal both for rivers and for commercial fishing venues. The feeder line is fast sinking and gives you the ideal blend of suppleness and durability. You are also in luck if you want some reel line which will do the job for all your float fishing needs. For both commercial fishing and when going for those larger fish in moving waters, Kamasan's float line will serve you well.

Kamasan are a much loved brand who have been used by many of our best anglers and hobbyists alike in the UK at least since the 1980s. At that time, they burst onto the scene in a big way, making a splash with their pioneering B940 hook pattern. They were so ahead of the game that these early designs have only needed to be fine tuned and tweaked in small ways over the years. They are still the most trusted brand when it comes to fly tying hooks. You can be sure that you are getting consistent quality and reliability with Kamasan.

Kamasan Animal 11ft Carp Waggler KR110AC Kamasan Animal 11ft Carp Waggler KR110AC save
10% Off
12 in stock
Kamasan Animal 11ft Carp Waggler KR110AC The Kamasan Animal range of rods are primarily designed for use on today's commercial fisheries, these slim stylish blanks come at a price point that will suit pleasure and club angler alike.
Kamasan Animal Float Line 100m Spools Kamasan Animal Float Line 100m Spools save
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13 in stock
Kamasan Animal Float Line 100m Spools
Kamasan B900c Crab Hooks Kamasan B900c Crab Hooks save
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82 in stock
Kamasan B900c Hooks Crab hook for sea fishing, priced per pack.
Kamasan B940 Aberdeen Hooks Kamasan B940 Aberdeen Hooks save
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70 in stock
Kamasan B940 Aberdeen Hooks Priced Per Pack