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Reuben Heaton Angling Scales

When you need to get a reliable set of fishing scales, there is only one place you need to turn, and that is to Reuben Heaton. Their angling scales give you a great combination of precision accuracy and sturdy longevity. This durability comes as a result of the fact that all the most appropriate materials, such as stainless steel and high impact polycarbonate, have been used. Highly corrosive resistant interiors also provides a long time use for active anglers.

Angling scales by Reuben Heaton

These scales are yet another example of how Heaton have never let their quality drop. Reuben Heaton develops, refines and manufactures products which answer the ever-changing needs of angling as things race on into the future of fishing. It doesn't matter what kind of tackle you are after, when you go with Reuben Heaton, you know that you will have yourself a product which has more than likely set a benchmark across the industry.

Reuben Heaton and Tackle Up

Part of the reason why their range remains so impressive in its quality and performance is that they have stuck to very closely quality controlled in-house development. This is apparent in all their angling scales, which have been designed with a clear attention to detail. Heaton also like to seek out the latest materials and use the latest processes, so that their products benefit from all the most cutting edge of technologies. This gives you that extra percentage in terms of accuracy and in terms of durability, which is on display with these scales. This combination of sticking to tradition in terms of their close knit design team, and pushing forwards in terms of materials and tech, is the key to the quality of this tackle.

Reuben Heaton scales

Reuben Heaton have a pedigree which puts them among some of the most legendary fishing tackle brands in the world. They have been at the forefront of the scene since 1857. The brand all began with Reuben Heaton's early developments which came out of his dual love and talent for angling and engineering. Reuben was behind many fishing patents, and several of those first pioneering inventions are still in use today. The company over the years has forged on, and today they take up a position which is almost unrivalled in terms of their influence and their quality. Their reputation for high level angling tackle is by now absolutely solidified.

Reuben Heaton Union Jack Standard Angling Flag Scale 60lb x 2oz RH4060/100LEJ Reuben Heaton Union Jack Standard Angling Flag Scale 60lb x 2oz RH4060/100LEJ save
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Reuben Heaton Union Jack Standard Angling Flag Scale 60lb x 2oz RH4060/100LEJ Reuben Heaton are proud to announce a new addition to the popular flag scales range with the introduction of the Union Jack Standard angling flag scale in 60 x 2oz and 120lb x 4oz capacities. Based on the 4000 series Standard Angling Scale, this range of Imperial only scales feature limited production dial print designs…