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Sonubaits Pellets, Groundbait & Hookbaits

Sonu make baits which are very much at the absolute forefront of modern bait design and technology. They are always looking to push forward with innovative and pioneering new ideas. This process is helped along by a world class team of match, carp and specimen anglers who are able to give Sonu guidance on what it is that would take baits to another level. Their clever and irresistible baits continue to be very successful all across the globe, and it is certainly easy to tell why once you have tried them out.

Sonu Baits Groundbait

The range of groundbait comes in all sorts of alluring flavours for fish. This includes krill and squid, bream, worm fishmeal and more. Sonu's groundbait is made to be irresistible both in scent and flavour. This is the case across the whole range, whether it is the krill and squid mix, the banoffee flavoured super crush or the worm fishmeal. These versatile groundbait options are crushed down so that the flavour is enhanced, with the whole thing becoming activated as an absolute flavour bomb on contact with water.

Sonu Baits Pellets

We also have an excellent range of ingeniously designed pellets. The range of pellets brings distinctive flavours with pungent, alluring aromas. These flavours are super concentrated so that they simply cannot be ignored by your target fish. You can even make the pellets even more attractive for your fish by introducing some of Sonu's excellent fishy pellet oil. These use strong flavours such as salmon oil to make the pellets especially flavoursome and aroma-filled, enhancing the effectiveness of the already highly attractive pellets.

Sonu Baits Hookbaits

You can also come here to explore what Sonu have to offer with regard to hookbaits. Sonu's hookbaits are highly durable, with strong fluoro colours which make them great for standing out to fish. Each hookbait is hand rolled and so the quality of each one is assured. We love that they are built to be strong and durable. They will withstand not only multiple casts but also multiple fish captures! Ideal for a range of feeder fishing techniques, their mixed method boilies are always worth trying out.

Sonu Baits Match Method Mix Dark 2kg S1770021 Sonu Baits Match Method Mix Dark 2kg S1770021 save
10% Off
2 in stock
Match Method Mix 2kg Contains ground pellets and fishmeal. Perfect for F1's, carp and skimmers. Use with a method feeder. Preston Inline Method feeder free in every bag. Use 2 pints of water to mix a 2kg bag.
Sonu Baits Pro Expander Pellets 6mm 500g Sonu Baits Pro Expander Pellets 6mm 500g save
10% Off
10 in stock
Sonu Baits Pro Expander Pellets 6mm 500g - S0830002
Sonu Baits Supercrush Bream Feeder Groundbait 2kg Sonu Baits Supercrush Bream Feeder Groundbait 2kg save
10% Off
4 in stock
Bream Feeder Groundbait 2kg Bag. Contains blended sweetcorn, maize, fishmeal and crushed pellets. Perfect for bream and skimmers. Use in an open-end feeders or on the pole. Use 2 pints of water to mix a 2kg bag.