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Sticky Baits Carp Fishing Baits

Sticky Baits provides top quality carp fishing hook baits for the best fishing experience. Sticky Baits hook baits are made in order to be the most attractive baits that they can be, while also helping maintain the health and cleanliness of fisheries with their natural ingredients.

Sticky Baits the Krill baits and boilies

The Krill baits available here are instantly appealing for any carp. The key thing is that they are tailor made to align with a carp's natural dietary requirements. This means that the carp will be hard-wired to be drawn to these baits. By combining high quality fishmeals with premium milk protein and other carefully selected ingredients, the Krill range has an excellent track record in terms of its effectiveness. You will be able to pick up some of the finest baits and boilies on the market right here in Sticky Baits's Krill range.

Sticky Baits boilies, pop-ups and pellets

For user-friendliness and buoyancy, you will not be able to find much better than Sticky Baits' pop-up options. These have been made so as to be completely needle friendly. This is even the case in the smaller sizes. This means that they are perfect for even the most subtle of presentations. The larger sizes meanwhile are ideal when it comes to Chod or Hinge rigs, not to mention Spinner rigs. Pick up pop-ups and pellets in the Krill range or in the Sticky's inimitable Bloodworm range. Their Bloodworm range is ranked as being just about the best of its kind. This quality comes down to the fact that Sticky Baits incorporate a high level of real bloodworm into their baits, thus making them constantly release natural food signals to the carp.

Sticky Baits

Their approach is informed by many years of experience. They have a team of consultants who play a big role in the development of all their baits. These consultants include top level pros as well as passionate leisure anglers. This is reflected in the way in which their products answer the calls of all types of anglers, whether a seasoned pro or someone just starting out.

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