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Thermal Waterproof Fishing Suits

All anglers or people who enjoy the outdoor sports know how true it is that there is no such thing as bad weather when you have the right clothing. When you have the right kit to wear, winter angling is no longer a problem. Those of you who like to go fishing during the night time, will know how important a good quality layer of protective and warming clothing is. With a thermal waterproof suit, you have all the bases covered and you can just get on with enjoying your time and focusing in on the fishing to be had. No more running back in under cover when a torrential downpour kicks in! Take a look at some of the very best designs on the market right here at Tackle Up.

Thermal insulated fishing suits

The beauty of the thermal waterproof suit is that it is not just about keeping you dry but also about keeping you warm. This means that these are going to be must haves for winter angling. You can be out there in the dark, whether evening or early morning, or indeed the middle of the night, and you won't need to worry about catching a chill. There are of course lots of different pieces of clothing that will help in different situations in the cold and wet. But, for absolute protection, there is no doubt that the thermal waterproof fishing suit is definitely going to be important. This is not just about comfort but also about safety. If you do start to get cold out there in the great outdoors in the middle of the night and you have got yourself soaked or even damp from the water or the rain, you may find yourself getting ill. But with a thermal waterproof fishing suit, weather conditions won't need to play a part in how good you feel.

Waterproof & windproof fishing suits

Thermal fishing suits are particularly popular with match anglers. But you certainly don't have to be a match angler to try one out. We tend to find that people can't believe they went without one once they have bought their first suit. Although the name of the game is insulation from the elements, these fishing suits never get stuffy. It is part of their ingenious design that they will at once be highly protective and breathable. At the same time, you might think that, looking at these big protective fishing suits, they will be overwhelmingly restrictive. Here again, it is the talent of the designers of these suits that has led to some startling innovations. Today, thermal waterproof fishing suits are extremely flexible, allowing for easy mobility. This is good for a couple of reasons. First, it means that they will allow you to perform to the best of your ability. Second, and this is of course very important for winter angling, it means that you can easily have the suit placed over various different layers and it will retain flexibility.

Imax Iconic Arx Thermo Bibs and Brace Imax Iconic Arx Thermo Bibs and Brace save
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Imax Iconic Arx Thermo Bibs and Brace Durable lightweigh rib-stop fabric, 100% polyester 100% waterproof TPU membrane of 8000mm and fully taped seams 160gsm thermo insulation for great warmth Strong 2-way front zippers 2 fleece-lined handwarmer pockets 2 fleece-lined WP zipper side pockets Long zipped gusset at bottom leg with velcro adjustable strap