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Camping & Fishing Tents & Shelters

As an angler, having a good quality tent, shelter or sunwall is a must. This is just the same for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. For walking holidays, festivals, or any other outdoor retreat, the tent is the foundation of your experience. A high quality tent not only protects you from the elements, but it provides you with that little slice of comfort and peace away from home. The tents, shelters and sunwalls which we have brought together in this collection will give you pleasant and refreshing living conditions whatever the weather. Protecting you from the rain, but also ensuring that things do not get stuffy in warmer weather, these tents will be great bankside companions for the angler all year round. Plus, we also have many larger tents here which would be ideal for family trips away to beautiful natural spots.

2 to 4 man fishing tents

With all the tents in our range, whether larger or smaller, you can expect good quality, reliable protection from the elements. This comes in the form of a high level hydrostatic head water resistance. For those hotter days, some of the tents also offer SPF 50 protection from the sun's rays, which is especially important for those summer early mornings. Flysheets will also be at hand to allow you to let cooling air in without letting in any unwanted bugs. Ventilation systems are also built into all of the models so that you can have the enjoyable feeling of refreshing air flow running through the tent during the warmer times of the year. The smaller tents that we have are great for angling, with lots of space available for storage, whilst they are also brilliant for those getaways into nature with friends and loved ones.

Larger family sized tents

For families or bigger groups, we also have some excellent choices. These will offer you spacious sleeping and living areas. These larger 6 to 8 person tents are great for families, whilst they can also be used for one or two person glamping style living, with lots of space for storage, for changing areas and for relaxing. All these larger tents are still quick and easy to put up. Some of the larger tents come with additional state of the art technology in the fabric that will block out 99% percent of daylight and regulate the temperature. This means the whole group will get a full and restful night's sleep even in the summer when early morning light and heat would otherwise intrude.

Coleman Darwin 3+ Tent 2000038483 Coleman Darwin 3+ Tent 2000038483 save
10% Off
Coleman Darwin 3+ Tent 2000038483 Ideal when you need extra space for your kit, the spacious porch area with groundsheet is perfect for storing gear and is large enough to sit and relax if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Quick-pitch extended dome structure with ring and pin pole attachment. Strong, durable PE groundsheet Large front porch with riser groundsheet. Large PVC windows with curt…
Coleman Kobuk Valley 4 Plus BlackOut Tent 2000030281 Coleman Kobuk Valley 4 Plus BlackOut Tent 2000030281 save
10% Off
Coleman Kobuk Valley 4+ BlackOut Tent 2000030281 Ideal for smaller families or couples that desire extra space on the campsite or at the festival, the Kobuk Valley 4 Plus is a large, 4-person dome tent with the added benefits of a large porch and innovative BlackOut Bedrooms so you won’t wake at first light. Quick and easy to set up thanks to its simple yet stable, dome construction, the Kobuk Val…
Coleman Meadowood 6 L BlackOut Tent 2000037069 Coleman Meadowood 6 L BlackOut Tent 2000037069 save
10% Off
Coleman Meadowood 6 L BlackOut Tent 2000037069 The Meadowood™ 6L is a spacious family tunnel tent, equipped with our patented BlackOut Bedroom® technology to ensure extra privacy and comfortable outdoor sleeping for families. The revolutionary, extra-large BlackOut Bedrooms block out up to 99% of daylight for a longer sleep and also help to maintain a comfortable internal temperature, keeping the…
Coleman Sundome Blue Tent 2000038956 Coleman Sundome Blue Tent 2000038956 save
10% Off
Coleman Sundome Blue Tent 2000038956 It features lightweight wind resistant fibreglass poles, storage pockets inside and a zipped ground sheet that can be folded up completely closing the shelter to make your own private changing room. Manufactured with Coleman® UVGuard™ protection fabrics with SPF50 the Sundome provides excellent protection for you and your family against the sun’s ultraviolet ra…
Coleman Sunwall For FastPitch Event Shelter XL - 2000032024 Coleman Sunwall For FastPitch Event Shelter XL - 2000032024 save
10% Off
12 in stock
Coleman Sunwall For FastPitch Event Shelter XL - 2000032024 Coleman FastPitch Shelters offer Sunwall (XL) that allow you to get the most out of your Shelter. Fabric: Mesh Pack size: 33 x 25 x 7 cm Weight: 1.2 kg Shelter not inculded.