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Fishing Fleeces & Gillets

When you are out fishing it is very important to get your layers right. If you aren't dressed appropriately then you won't enjoy your time out on the water nearly as much as you would with the correct clothing. You need something which is warm enough so that you can brave the elements, but also of course comfortable and breathable enough for easy movement whilst you are getting on with the task at hand.

We know this at Tackle-Up and that is why we have in stock only the very best in clothing options for when you go off into the great outdoors angling, and the fleeces and gillets here are testament to that. We have some optimum quality items from Drennan International and Sundridge.

It was Sundridge who pioneered the use of lightweight layers as thermals some 20 years ago, so they really are experts in their field. This shows in the Sundridge Sleep Skin Quilted Layer, which if used as a mid layer will perfectly keep the body warm and insulated, but also has the benefit of serving as a stylish jacket on the outside in other occasions.

To block out the wind, you will also want to take a look at the Drennan Wind Beater Fleece, which is practical, comfortable and most importantly (as the name suggests) serves as an effective block to wind and the chill factor.

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