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Coarse Fishing Chairs

High quality coarse fishing chairs are of utmost importance to anglers of any level. When you are coarse fishing, you will be committed to spending many hours by the water, or even camping out for a number of days. Because of this, a comfortable chair which can be set up by the bank and remain durable, reliable and waterproof when you need it most is an absolute must have.

Here at Tackle-Up, we have coarse fishing chairs which will offer you ultimate comfort and support whilst you are sitting by the water. High density foam mattress designs, along with extra back padding, make these Fox Camo Fishing chairs a great benefit to you when you are coarse fishing.

They are not only comfortable, but also are supremely sturdy. Four fully adjustable legs with large swiveling mud feet give you a firm and tight grip on the ground. Leg Lock frames then offer added stability. These features along with the solid steel frame will mean that these seats will be very hard-wearing and long lasting.

All of this is provided though whilst the chair remains very easy to set up and mobile, with its Camo polyester outer trim providing protection from the elements whilst remaining conveniently light.

Fox R1 Series Camo Fishing Chair CBC060 Fox R1 Series Camo Fishing Chair CBC060 save
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Fox R1 Series Camo Fishing Chair CBC060 The Fox R1 Camo Fishing Chair offers incredible comfort for your days out angling. It is the smallest and lowest of the R Range and has been designed with shorter fishing sessions in mind when you need something to relax between bites. As the R1 is compact, it is ideal for a travelling angler and one which does not have a barrow. It is also perfect for angle…
Korum S23 Accessory Chair Compact K0300028 Korum S23 Accessory Chair Compact K0300028 save
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4 in stock
Korum S23 Accessory Chair Compact K0300028 The Korum S23 Accessory Chair Compact K0300028 is perfect for those anglers searching for comfort during their fishing adventures. Korum's patented vertical leg design has undergone a remarkable transformation with the introduction of the rounded 23mm square leg design. This not only simplifies setup but also ensures stability and leg adjustment. Say good…