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Carp Fishing Baiting & Floats

We really do care about all things fishing related, and that is why we always strive to provide you with the very best pieces of kit so that you can get the most out of your fishing experience, and this includes the selection that we have put together of all the very best carp fishing baiting & floats for you to choose from. High in quality, and being sold at some great prices too, this collection really will give you everything you need if you are after baiting and floats.

Have a browse through the collection and you will see some fantastic products from the likes of Fox, Korda and Preston Innovations. These backleads, spombs, marker stems and marker kits have been produced so as to be highly effective as well as robust and therefore long-lasting.

Choose from this superb array of baiting and floats and you will see the level of quality for yourself when you are next in action out on the water! You will be able to hit long distances with your floats and do so in heavy winds, as well as being able to fish in heavy weed, and also deliver and retrieve your bait with ease and with no loss.

Avid Carp Retracta Tool Storage Case A0590011 Avid Carp Retracta Tool Storage Case A0590011 save
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18 in stock
Avid Carp Retracta Tool Storage Case A0590011 Using a double rear hinge design with magnets, the Retracta Tool Storage Case can be stood upright for ease of use. Embossed case for easy tool identification Double rear hinge with magnetic closure
ESP Big Shot Caty Large ESP Big Shot Caty Large save
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5 in stock
ESP Big Shot Caty Large The capacity of the pouch makes baiting up with large quantities of boilies quick and easy. This tough, durable large pouch is lightweight with a long easy grip pull tab and large vent holes in the pouch reduce drag and recoil. Machined stainless steel rotation pins minimise elastic twist and tangles to the Twin Wall elastic which provides excellent punch and recovery for m…
ESP Big Shot Caty Medium ESP Big Shot Caty Medium save
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1 in stock
ESP Big Shot Caty Medium Maximum accuracy at short to medium range with minimum bait spread. The wide gape frame is moulded in super strong glass filled nylon and features a long ergonomic handle for perfect grip and angled forks which help create the perfect firing position. Machined stainless steel rotation pins minimise elastic twist and tangles. The tough, durable medium pouch is lightweight w…
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5 in stock
ESP MEDIUM CATAPULT ELASTIC ETCPL000 This medium elastic has excellent stretch and recovery. Optimum length provides the correct feel and punch for accurate grouping of bait at short /medium range. Excellent stretch and recovery Provides correct feel and punch For accurate bait grouping of bait at short /medium range
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ESP POWER CATAPULT ELASTIC (TWIN WALL) ETCPL001 Twin Wall elastic fits the Big Shot Boilie Large Pouch plus the original ESP Boilie, Particle & Mega Pults. This powerful elastic propels larger loads of bait with remarkable accuracy at maximum distance. REPLACES THE ORIGINAL "TWIN WALLED LATEX" AND IS FULLY COMPATABLE WITH PREVIOUS CATAPULTS Fits:
ESP Surface Missile Floats ESP Surface Missile Floats save
£5.36 - £6.26
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20 in stock
ESP Surface Missile Floats These in-line controllers have optimum length stems, an aerodynamic profile and provide accurate, tangle-free casting from short to extreme range with no oscillation in flight and minimal disturbance on splashdown. Their opaque white colour makes them visible at long range but provides an inconspicuous sub-surface silhouette. The bulbous forward end acts as an extremely…
Fox Camo Square Bucket 5L Fox Camo Square Bucket 5L save
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6 in stock
Fox Camo Square Bucket 5L Robust design with heavy duty metal handle Perfect for carrying your bait to and from a venue Square shape makes them easier to stack and also store in car and on barrow Styled in unique fox camo pattern
Fox Clear Bait Tubs CAC393 Fox Clear Bait Tubs CAC393 save
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2 in stock
Fox Clear Bait Tubs CAC393 Designed for secure storage of all hook baits Fox Bait Tubs feature a screw down leak proof lid with rubber O ring seal, allowing dipped and soaked pop-ups, bottom baits, plastic baits or wet particle hook baits to be stored without risk of spillage or contamination inside your bait carryall.
Fox Large Black Spomb Fox Large Black Spomb save
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8 in stock
Awesome distance The aerodynamics of the Spomb are of a teardrop shape. This is certainly the ultimate product for flight through the air with the minimum resistance. Furthest measured cast distance is 190 yards (173 metres)! Instant bait delivery When the Spomb contacts the water the body is released fully open so washing the bait out instantly. Fast aquaplane retrieve The Spomb floats once opene…
Guru Multi Riddle GMR001 Guru Multi Riddle GMR001 save
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5 in stock
Guru Multi Riddle GMR001 The Guru Multi Riddle has been designed to fit perfectly on Guru and Mainline Match 18L buckets but will also fit on other buckets of this size. The riddle locks onto the bucket so it’s safe and secure, making it extremely easy to use. The bucket lid also clicks back onto the riddle securing it further. This feature is unique to the system and makes transporting the bucket…
Korda Finger Stall Strap Korda Finger Stall Strap save
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11 in stock
Korda Finger Stall Stap This Finger Stall has been constructed using a combination of high-grade microfibre leatherette and breathable polyester mesh. The protective finger pad provides the ultimate casting protection, whether using heaviest of mono or the finest of braids. The breathable mesh body is extremely light and coupled with an elasticated Velcro fastener ensures a secure fit around the w…
Korda Marker Stem Korda Marker Stem save
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4 in stock
Korda Marker Stem KMS2 Perfect for fishing in weedy conditions when popping up a marker float would otherwise be a struggle. The ceramic ring allows the mainline to run through with very little resistance, whilst the bearing swivel ensures that the mainline doesn't twist on the retrieve.