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Sea Fishing Casting Aids

For top quality sea fishing casting aids, Tackle-Up is the place to be! We have all the very best products when it comes to casting aids, made by leading names such as TronixPro, Sunset and Breakaway. These products will give you the edge with you casting and, once you have invested in one, you will not be able to believe that you survived without it before.

The TronixPro Casting Glove would be a great addition to invest in, with the highly effective neoprene offering protection from any cuts when casting with low diameter lines. Similarly, the Sunset Suncaster Finger Stall is a great option if you are surf-casting and looking to maximise your power and distance. This is the ideal solution for you, with it being as comfortable as it is sturdy.

Then, when it comes to the Breakaway Cannon Bionic Finger, this is the real deal if you want to ensure both accuracy and distance, as it will help with the crucial matter of holding down the line until the power stroke is complete. Mount it under the rod in line with the rings and as near to directly over the spool as you can, and you will see the benefit of this fantastic piece of kit.

TronixPro Casting Glove Pro Version TCSTP TronixPro Casting Glove Pro Version TCSTP save
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This neoprene casting glove protects you from cuts when casting with low diameter lines.