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Sea Finishing Tripods and Accessories

At Tackle-Up we have a great selection of high quality tripods and accessories which will give you the edge and help you perform to an optimum level on the water. There is a large array of tripods available which range in size from 5ft to 7ft from the likes of Ian Golds, Imax and Sea Tech. The tripods can be used on most surfaces but are ideal for fishing on gravel or sand beaches and will give you plenty of balance and control in those shore fishing situations.

The Imax FR Surf-Lite Tripod comes with 2 rod bars for both top and bottom, securing your rods for maximum stability, finished in a durable and corrosion resistant silver paint. Ian Golds Super Match Double Rests Standard meanwhile is now in it’s 25th year and was the first of it’s kind on the market and is still favoured by many of the top European anglers. Sea Tech's Economy and Match Tripods are also of the highest quality, complete with twin head and fixed cups and made from durable aluminium with heavy duty plastic fitments.

But this is not all we have, so have a look through the range of items and you will find plenty in the way of useful accessories such as universal coasters, head rests, butt cups, trace bars, trays and more!

Breakaway Universal Coasters Breakaway Universal Coasters save
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Leeda Icon Extra Wide Sea Fishing Tripod For F/S Leeda Icon Extra Wide Sea Fishing Tripod For F/S save
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Leeda Extra Wide Tripod From the sucsess of the first tripod, Leeda have listened to demand and now produced the same great quality tripod but now with extra wide supports to accomodate for the fixed spool reel angler.
NGT Angling Pursuits 2 Rod Sea Spirit Tripod 180cm NGT Angling Pursuits 2 Rod Sea Spirit Tripod 180cm save
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NGT Angling Pursuits 2 Rod Sea Spirit Tripod 180cm NGT's Angling Pursuits line hit the fishing tackle scene in order to provide high quality products to beginners or those on a limited budget, and this tripod is perfect evidence of the way in which they have been so successful in carrying out this job. If you want to get your hands on a two rod tripod which is going to be sturdy, reliable, precise…
Sonik Wideboy Sea Tripod FS0004 Sonik Wideboy Sea Tripod FS0004 save
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Sonik Wideboy Sea Tripod FS0004 The Sonik Wide Boy Tripod is constructed from very high quality, angled aluminium and has a handy trace hook positioned under the head rests for hanging a prepared rig. Both the head rest and cup bars can be adjusted and positioned up- or-down the main shaft of the tripod to suit the position of rods. The 14in (35.5cm) wide cup and 14in (35.5cm) head unit allow the…