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Sea Fishing Rig Storage

Tackle-Up is the place to be if you want some top quality sea fishing rig storage for a great fishing experience.

Our sea fishing collection from Tronix Pro will make fishing a lot easier when it comes to rig storage. Their Rig Jog for example is a clever little jig which is able to hold your rig body when in the process of making glued rigs.

The Big Rig Bits Box is what you need to store everything when you are rig building, as it comes with six small compartment boxes which are absolutely ideal for storing rig making components. On top of that, it comes with 12 rig winders to put your rigs on as you make them.

This is not to mention Tronix Pro's Single and Double Rig Wallets. The Double Rig Wallet is highly practical, offering 16 double rigs sleeves to hold at least 32 rigs, and also containing 2 internal mesh pockets and 2 external rear pockets. The Single Wallet is just as well made and easy to use, but comes at half the size, so would be perfect for the angler on the move who does not need quite so many rigs.

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