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Carp Fishing Floats

Here at Tackle-Up, we have in stock only the most-high quality, effective and efficient pieces of kit, and this includes some brilliant carp fishing floats. If you are going to have as successful a day fishing as possible, you are going to want to have a float on which you can rely, as this is an absolute fundamental.

Fishing floats for carp

The carp fishing floats here are just that, giving you a straight, true throw even in windy conditions. On top of that, you will have no problems if visibility is poor, as many of these floats are made with bright, fluorescent orange worked into their design, making them a clear and sharp marker to you looking down from above the water.

Carp controller floats

The team here at Tackle-Up has brought together top-quality floats from experts such as ESP, Korda, Fox and Nash. You will be able to tell as soon as you get to using one of these superb floats how much time, thought and skill has gone into their development. If you want floats which offer you complete control, enabling precision even with a long range, then you will be sure to find the right float for you here within this great selection!

ESP Marker Dart Floats For Carp Fishing ESP Marker Dart Floats For Carp Fishing save
10% Off
3 in stock
ESP Marker Dart Float Priced per float, image shows the choice available for you to select the size you require from the drop down menu. These new Marker Darts are designed to bridge the size and range gap between the original ESP Mini Markers and Sonar Marker floats. Their blow moulded bodies are more buoyant than balsa, are much tougher and not prone to damage. Marker Darts do not oscillate in f…
ESP Sonar Marker Float System ESP Sonar Marker Float System save
10% Off
4 in stock
Sonar Marker Float Sonar Marker Floats fly straight and true. - Their special aerodynamic shape provides the ultimate long range marker combining maximum distance and accuracy. - The special moulded body is tough, durable and exceptionally buoyant, pulling line through to the surface even at distance in windy conditions.
ESP Streamlined Controller ESP Streamlined Controller save
10% Off
19 in stock
ESP Streamlined Controller Available in a selection of sizes from the drop down menu. These floats have stood the test of time, originally in the Drennan Specialist range years ago before being introduced as an ESP Carp product. Ideal for surface floater fishing when wanting stealth rather than visual, watching your biscuit rather than the float!
Fox Exocet Controller Float For Surface Fishing Fox Exocet Controller Float For Surface Fishing save
10% Off
5 in stock
Fox Exocet Controller Float Available in two sizes from the drop down menu, Large or Medium.
Korda Zig Float Large Korda Zig Float Large save
10% Off
4 in stock
Korda Zig Float Large The Zig Kit is the ultimate adjustable setup! The precision blow-moulded floats are the optimum size for allowing the float to easily rise to the surface, whilst being compact enough to allow long range fishing and the light grey colour ensures it's unobtrusive midwater, regardless of the light/water conditions. The float features a soft insert that houses the (supplied) size…
Korum Loaded Blobs 3G K0310082 Korum Loaded Blobs 3G K0310082 save
10% Off
10 in stock
Korum Loaded Blobs 3G K0310082 These high visibility floats are especially designed for fishing in shallow or weedy areas. The floats are preloaded and ready-to-fish. The Loaded Blobs are easy to attach to your line as they are pre-threaded on individual wires. The floats can be re-used with float stops after their initial use as an in-line weighted float. Perfect for margin fishing. 3 per pack.