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Coarse Fishing Pole Rollers

Check our amazing selection of coarse fishing pole rollers which we have specially chosen for their high levels of quality, strength and all-round effectiveness. These pieces of kit are robust and reliable, ensuring sturdiness and smoothness of performance in all weather conditions.

The pole rollers come from the expert designers and manufacturers of Garbolino and Preston Innovations. Each pole roller has been constructed with care and passion to provide you with supreme stability.

With these pole rollers, you will find that they also cater for a wide range of requirements. Whether you are shipping at an extreme height, double shipping, or if you need space to house spare butt sections, you will find the right piece of technology here within our selection of pole rollers.

Invest in one of these excellent pole rollers and you will give yourself the best chance possible of performing at the very highest level of your ability, and seeing the results reflect that level of performance.

Preston Offbox Balling In Arm P0110053 Preston Offbox Balling In Arm P0110053 save
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Preston Offbox Balling In Arm P0110053 Fully adjustable for balling in groundbait when used as a pair. Can be used singularly as a rod or pole rest. Soft grip pole hooks to minimise risk of pole damage.