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Coarse Fishing Poles & Whips

At Tackle-Up, there is an excellent range of coarse fishing poles and whips for you to take a look through. Pole fishing is becoming one of the more popular methods for both match and pleasure anglers. With the choice available today, it is a great method for beginners and experienced anglers alike. Whip fishing similarly is a great option for beginners or junior anglers, with the complication of the reel taken out of the question. It is also though just as useful for anglers looking to catch plenty of small fish.

Whatever reason it is that you want to buy a pole or whip, and whatever your budget might be, Tackle-Up is sure to have all of the best tools for the job! Have a look through the extensive range and you will see poles and whips here produced by the leading names in the business, such as Daiwa, Drennan, Leeda and Preston Innovations.

Our hand picked selection of top quality products here will offer you all that you need to get going. There are packs of whips containing all different sizes, telescopic whips, elasticated whips, all of a great quality and all giving you great value for money. The poles on offer similarly are of optimum quality, offering you power, sturdiness and rigidity all whilst remaining effortlessly mobile and easy to operate.

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