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Carp Fishing Rods Pods

Carp fishing rod pods are fantastic fishing accessories if you want to have your carp rod securely held in place in a reliable fashion. Many of the carp fishing rod pods available in our collection will be able to hold onto multiple rods, so that you can have them targetting different depths and areas of the water. This way, you can also have multiple bait options in action at once, to heighten your chances of success. We have brought together some of the very best models on the market, so you ought to be able to find the right rod pod for your setup from our collection.

Reliable and practical carp rods pods

When you have a long angling session ahead, you might like the opportunity to give your arms a rest. With the rod pod, this is a simple thing to do. Plus, you will not be sacrificing your success at all, as the rod pod will be able to hold the rod in exactly the perfect position. These rod pods are also highly versatile, having been designed to be just as stable on soft and hard terrains.

Strong, compact and lightweight rods pods

The rod pods which we have in this collection are extremely strong and sturdy. At the same time, they are surprisingly light in weight. This means that they can be moved into position and transported with ease. The high strength to lower weight ratio comes thanks to the fact that they choose materials such as aluminium and carbon composites for the body of the structure.

Cleverly designed

The designs are also made so that you can take control. You will get this sense of agency for instance in the easily adjustable rod pod legs. This feature is really important, especially when considering that you might be using the rod pod in different conditions and on different terrain. Not only can you adjust the height so that the legs best support the pod in a level and stable manner, you can also alter the angle of the rod so that you can increase bite indication. This can be really useful in certain more heavy weather conditions.

ProLogic Spider 3 Rod Pod Inc Carry Bag 54369 ProLogic Spider 3 Rod Pod Inc Carry Bag 54369 save
10% Off
3 in stock
ProLogic Spider 3 Rod Pod Inc Carry Bag 54369
Sonik VaderX RS 3 Rod Pod HC0097 Sonik VaderX RS 3 Rod Pod HC0097 save
10% Off
3 in stock
Sonik VaderX RS 3 Rod Pod HC0097 Lightweight aluminium construction Comes with padded fold-out storage case Adjustable in both height and length Compact transport size Use as a pod or goal post bankstick setup Reel spacing 17.5CM W42.5 L68-97 H21.5-40CM Weight: 990G
Sonik Xtractor 2 Rod Pod HC0048 Sonik Xtractor 2 Rod Pod HC0048 save
10% Off
6 in stock
Sonik Xtractor 2 Rod Pod HC0048 If you are looking for convenience and stability, as well as practical adaptability, then the Sonik Xtractor 2 Rod Pod will be the design for you. We are big fans of the way that the Rod Pod enables you to move through a number of different bankside setups. This means that you will be able to handle any ground conditions that come your way. Choose from the T post se…