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Coarse Fishing End Tackle & Accessories

If you want to get your hands on all the very best end tackle and accessories, then Tackle-Up is the place to be! Have a look through this extensive collection of all the highest quality and most effective pieces of end tackle and accessories, and you will be sure to find many crucial bits of kit which will make your life that much easier, as well as items of which it's always worth having a few back ups in stock.

The end tackle needs to be in top condition, as it is of course the equipment which tends to see the most action, being at the business end of things as it is. Therefore, it is important that you take care to have the best quality equipment and plenty of replacements in stock so that you are always prepared.

There are lots of essentials within the collection available here, such as swivels, scissors, stops, spool and much more! The products have all been reliably crafted by the very best names in the business such as Drennan, ESP, Korum and Preston Innovations. These are pieces of kit which have been specially selected by our experts so you can be sure that they will be give you the edge.

Daiwa Braid Scissors Daiwa Braid Scissors
4 in stock
Daiwa Braid Scissors
Drennan Band Puller For Carp / Coarse Fishing Drennan Band Puller For Carp / Coarse Fishing
2 in stock
Drennan Band Puller This handy tool enables you to securely mount baits such as expander pellets, meat, sweetcorn and drilled boilies onto a hair rigged latex band without ripping or damaging the band. To use, simply pierce a hook bait with the needle end of the Band Puller, then use the curved ‘crook’ to grab your hair rigged latex band. Pull the band to stretch it, slide the hook bait onto the b…
Drennan Barrel Swivels For Fishing Pack Of 10 Drennan Barrel Swivels For Fishing Pack Of 10
37 in stock
Barrel Swivels Barrel Swivels are an essential item of terminal tackle which can be used for a variety of uses. They are available in four sizes, 18s, 14s, 11s and 9s. They are free rotating swivels with round eyes and a matt finish and cover all fresh water angling situations.
Drennan Big Stop Gripper Stops Drennan Big Stop Gripper Stops
18 in stock
The best selling Drennan Gripper float stops are now available in the new BIG size! Features: Tapered Adjustable Multiple uses Don't damage the line Eliminates the use of buffer beads
Drennan Dacron Connectors Drennan Dacron Connectors
33 in stock
Drennan Dacron Connectors This listing is for 1 packet. Please select the size you require from the drop down menu. These lightweight Dacron Connectors feature a braided material that is coated to ensure it is kind to both your line and the elastic. A lightweight alternative to the traditional, plastic elastic connector. The material is also designed to be stiff enough to help push the mainline aw…
Drennan Feeder Gum 4lb 10m Spool Drennan Feeder Gum 4lb 10m Spool
5 in stock
Drennan Feeder Gum 4lb 4lb - 10m Spool
Drennan Hi-Viz Waggler Tips Drennan Hi-Viz Waggler Tips
7 in stock
They are available in two sizes, 2.3mm and 3.2mm. Each pack contains eight tips in two different colours and in four different lengths allowing the angler to alter the float as required depending on the situation. As the name suggests these tips have our new Hi-Viz paint finish which allows the light to reflect through which in turn produces a much more visible tip. The Range: 2.3mm 3.2mm Features…
Drennan Pellet Band Stretcher Tool Bander Drennan Pellet Band Stretcher Tool Bander
3 in stock
Drennan Pellet Band Stretcher Unlike other banders on the market, the Drennan requires no band around the brass legs. Ideal for use with pellets and dumbell shapes.
Drennan Pellet Waggler Attachment Drennan Pellet Waggler Attachment
17 in stock
The Pellet Waggler Attachments feature four rubber stops, three below to ensure the weight of the waggler does not move them on the cast and one above to hold the float in place. The waggler is attached via a small swivel clip allowing the angler to quickly change the size of the float. There are five attachments per packet which can be easily threaded onto the mainline via the wire loop. Ideal fo…
Drennan Pole Float Silicone Drennan Pole Float Silicone
40 in stock
Priced per pack, you choose the size you require from the drop down menu. Supplied with both black and clear silicone, you can use the black with carbon stems and the clear for wire. The Range: Ex Fine - 0.4mm x 1.1mm Fine - 0.5mm x 1.3mm Medium - 0.7mm x 1.4mm Large - 0.9mm x 1.6mm Features: Each packet contains approximately enough silicone for fifty rigs Black and clear silicone Durable Pre-cut…
Drennan Quick Change Method Connectors Drennan Quick Change Method Connectors
14 in stock
Drennan Method Connectors
Drennan Quick Snap Swivels Pack Of 6 For Fishing Drennan Quick Snap Swivels Pack Of 6 For Fishing
20 in stock
Quick Snap Swivels Quick Snap Swivels are ideal for a variety of uses and allow the angler to change hooklinks quickly and easily. The Quick Snap Swivels come in four sizes, 12, 14, 16, and 18 and act as an anti-twist device. The larger sizes are ideal for bomb and feeder work whilst the smaller sizes are perfect for pole rigs and float setups.
Drennan Run Rings - All Sizes Drennan Run Rings - All Sizes
19 in stock
They are produced in a super slick, hard grade polymer that slides beautifully on monofilament, the clip link is easy to open and is masked by exactly the right length of silicone tube to prevent tangles. The three sizes are designed to work perfectly with Swivel Stop Beads and Quick Change Beads. Run Rings offer a free running setup perfect for fishing targeting a variety of species such as barbe…
Drennan Team England Match Caty Medium Strong Nylon Pouch Drennan Team England Match Caty Medium Strong Nylon Pouch
1 in stock
The Team England Match Caty is easily one of the most popular and reliable catapult designs of all time! It features a special, tangle-free latex attachment that allows you to fire from both sides and is designed for general use. Supplied with spare elastic Easy elastic replacement Tangle-free latex attachment Textured handle
ESP Braid & Mono Scissors ESP Braid & Mono Scissors
3 in stock
All images © Tackle Up Felixstowe Priced per item, choose the colour you require from the drop down menu. Featuring an improved design and high-grade stainless steel blades, these new scissors are an essential tackle box accessory. Available with ergonomic hi-viz orange or green handles with a comfortable soft touch finish, these super sharp scissors are perfect for all hook link materials and mon…


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