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Predator Fishing Rods

When you are fighting with a predatory fish, whether it is a pike, perch or zander, it can be a quite full on task. With some of these fish weighing in at over 30lb, it is not only you that is under increased pressure to perform, but also your predator fishing rods.

Pike fishing rods

One of the key pieces of equipment that will need to be chosen carefully in order to take on the task of tackling a big predator fish is of course an effective predatory fishing rod. Like all different forms of fishing, there are certain specifications that your rod will need and there are many great options here at Tackle-Up which have been specially designed with these requirements in mind.

Predator spinning fishing rods

As you will see in our range, the predator fishing rods is generally a relatively short rod, tending to measure between 6ft and 10ft in length. With flexible tip sections and plenty of power from the middle to the butt, these rods (sometimes known as spinning rods and sometimes known as lure rods) will set you up in a great position to go for those bigger fish.

Have a look at all the options and you will be sure to find the very best predator fishing rod for your needs made by some of the best names in the business such as Sakura, Greys, Fox and Daiwa.

Drennan E-Sox Lureflex Rod Drennan E-Sox Lureflex Rod save
£49.46 - £58.46
10% Off
5 in stock
Drennan E-Sox Lureflex Rod E-SOX LUREFLEX are light, well-balanced, fast action rods. Made to handle variety of techniques whether you’re casting soft lures, spinners, spoons or plugs for Pike, Perch or Zander. All butt sections hold good reserves of power to set the hooks and feature full EVA handles with a secure DPS reel seat, whilst the responsive tip section provides great feedback. These ver…
Savage Gear SGS5 Precision Lure Specialist Spin Rod 2.79m 9-42g SVS75030 Savage Gear SGS5 Precision Lure Specialist Spin Rod 2.79m 9-42g SVS75030 save
10% Off
2 in stock
Savage Gear SGS5 Precision Lure Specialist Spin Rod SVS75030 Perfectly balanced rods made for distance and precision casting with lures from the shore. Featuring fast taper Toray carbon blanks, SeaGuide Coil Control guides and Savage Gear’s Competition reel seats, these rods provide smooth, effortless casting and extremely comfortable handling. Thousands of hours of testing and casting lures from…