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Sea Fishing End Tackle

At Tackle-Up, we always strive to give you everything that you need in order to have success out on the water, and this includes an extensive array of top quality sea fishing end tackle from all the top names in the business such as Drennan, Fox, Leeda and TronixPro.

Amazing range of Gemini pulley clips and rig clips

When it comes to clips, there are some excellent options such as the Inova Finese Clip Lead Clips, Breakaway Fastlink Clips and the Breakaway Spinlink Clips. Gemini also offer great pulley clips and rig clips.

On top of this are lots of other end tackle accessories such as swivels and shields which are of a brilliant quality. Breakaway Swivels and Shields for example are fool proof, easy to use and built to last.

This is just scratching the surface though with their being so much more to explore in this wide range of items here at Tackle-Up including crimps, springs, bait scissors, wrap rests and even super adhesive reflective tape.

With all this, you will be ideally prepared to have a fruitful sea fishing trip!

Breakaway Cascade Swivels Breakaway Cascade Swivels save
10% Off
25 in stock
Breakaway Cascade Swivels The most popular and sure method for making cascade rigs. Strong and easy to use just lock into position with teardrop bead and crimp. Its a good idea to nip the swivel eyr a little to make sure it doesnt drop over very small beads or crimps. When using very heavy hook lengths tye rigs with sliding stop knots or silicone linned crimps or put a small length of silicone tub…
Breakaway Escape Link EL1 Breakaway Escape Link EL1 save
10% Off
4 in stock
Breakaway Fastlink Clips Breakaway Fastlink Clips save
10% Off
33 in stock
Breakaway Impact Shields Breakaway Impact Shields save
10% Off
9 in stock
Breakaway Impact Shields IS1 The Breakaway Impact shields are one of the biggest advances in trace technology. Its a neat foolproof system which ensures almost 100% certainty of clean release. no more wondering whether the hook on the sea bed is still tangled in the bait clip. The hook is thrown clear it doesn't disengage if your lucky,no relying on leader slackness to un-connect the hook as with…
Breakaway Long Tail Lead Lifts Breakaway Long Tail Lead Lifts save
10% Off
3 in stock
Breakaway Proper Pulley Breakaway Proper Pulley save
10% Off
2 in stock
New clips to make pulley rigs. The fully radiused block eliminates line kinks and allows easy sliding movement, Connected by our own twinlink for quick and easy rig change, although we recommend an oval or fastlink on the leader to facilitate quick changes. We have always critised rigs relying on swivels to take the strain of casting as no one can tell whether a swivel is worn or badly formed and…
Breakaway Spinlink Clips Breakaway Spinlink Clips save
10% Off
34 in stock
Breakaway Spinlink Clips Spinlinks are a smaller version of the fastlink but because of the special heatreated stainless these small clips are exceptionally strong ideal for lures and light sea or Carp leads but also used on many standard Beach rigs, 10 per packet
Breakaway Swivel Tees TS For Sea Fishing Breakaway Swivel Tees TS For Sea Fishing save
10% Off
3 in stock
Breakaway Swivel TS For Fishing Swivel tees are the modern day three way swivel that stops snood lengths becomming tangled or twisted because unlike a three way swivel these work in all directions.No need for knots just position onto line and crimp into position. Ideal for all sea traces and used in helicopter carp rigs. 10 tees and swivels per packet
Breakaway Twinlink Clips TL1 Breakaway Twinlink Clips TL1 save
10% Off
23 in stock
Breakaway Twinlink's TL1 Twinlinks for joining two metal objects and for quick change rig or lead clips. The best clip for joining Impact leads to Lead lifts. Can be used for slide down rigs and back leads for Carp fishing, Safe and strong made from stainless steel. 10 per packet
Breakaway Universal Lead Lifts Breakaway Universal Lead Lifts save
10% Off
1 in stock
x Lead Lifts. Designed to bring your lead to the surface on the retrieve to avoid snags and other lost tackle. Saves rigs, time and fish. Two per packet with oval splits to fix to any lead.
Dennett Black American Snap Swivels Size 1 TD-SN01 Dennett Black American Snap Swivels Size 1 TD-SN01 save
10% Off
19 in stock
Dennett Black American Snap Swivels TD-SN01 10 per bag Black Nickel
Dennett Black American Snap Swivels Size 1/0 TD-SN1/0 Dennett Black American Snap Swivels Size 1/0 TD-SN1/0 save
10% Off
15 in stock
Dennett Black American Snap Swivels Size 1/0 TD-SN1/0 10 per bag Black Nickel